LAPD Senior Lead Officer Reaches Out To Community

Senior Lead Officer -West Los Angeles Division, 8SLO95, Los Angeles Police Department. Photo Courtesy LAPD

LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Christopher Baker, Introduction and Contact Information

Hello everyone! I want to introduce myself. I am your Senior Lead Officer, Christopher Baker from LAPD West Los Angeles Division, Basic Car 8A95. I have been assigned to the division for just over 60 days, and while I’ve attempted to go door to door and meet the community, I just haven’t had the success that I envisioned. The residents that I have spoken with have told me about the conversations that take place on this message board. I would like everyone receiving this message to add me as their Facebook friend ( slo Christopher Baker) and to also follow me on Twitter @LAPDSLOBAKER. Also, you can email me at or call my desk line at 310-444-0740.

I would also like to give everyone the opportunity to meet with me, and discuss whatever public safety issues are important to you in your community. Please contact me and we can make meeting arrangements. Also, please give me some suggestions on how I can better connect with your community in 2018. If anyone is interested in starting a block club, neighborhood watch, business watch, or any other community based programs, please reach out to me and lets get it going. I will post things on this message board from time to time, but the best place to contact me is via email, phone, or Facebook.

Below is a blurb regarding what a Senior Lead Officer’s role is. I hope I can make your lives easier, and safer. Please don’t be a stranger and I look forward to meeting you all. A Senior Lead Officer(SLO) is in charge of a basic car area within a geographic division. Senior Lead Officers provide a link that unites the LAPD with the communities that it serves. SLOs are responsible for monitoring crime trends in basic car areas, working with Community-Police Advisory Boards and act as liaisons with detectives to stay informed of crime trends and special problems within their area.

–Senior Lead Officer, Christopher Baker