Call to Action Renewed For Opposition to Verizon Cell Tower

Rendering of Proposed Cell Tower. Photos Courtesy of Artistic Engineering

Some of you may recall that Verizon previously applied to the City for this same location and were turned down. They appealed the decision and were turned down again. RVNA and local neighbors banded together to do outreach to neighbors about whom to write to and when and where to attend the hearing. Those efforts were successful.

At the recent SORO meeting, Verizon revealed that they had sued the City of L.A. over this issue in Federal Court. They said that both the City of L.A. and Verizon came to an agreement that Verizon should reapply with modifications to their proposal.

The modifications that Verizon revealed were pretty marginal. They reduced the height of the proposed tower from 54′ to 52′. They plan to put a concrete planter with bushes at its base. They plan to enclose their operating equipment and diesel generator in a walled space. They changed the type of faux tree to a eucalyptus.

Their new plan still does not meet the zoning codes for the area and would be located right near single family homes. Right when we have many neighbors working hard on the Great Streets project to improve Robertson Blvd., they want to install this giant cell tower right in the middle of it.

We have been compiling pertinent info from neighbor’s research on this issue and is the basis for the recent RVNA email on how to take action and the main points to address, if RVNA neighbors are so inclined