RVNA Survey Results

Reynier Village rooftops looking south towards the Culver Stairs. Photo © 2017 Joseph Martinez

Many thanks go out to all those who participated in the RVNA survey. The RVNA Board is seeking to better serve its members and this was the first step in getting an idea on what members want out of their Association and community. The results of the survey tell the story of a group of neighbors that have much pride and love for Reynier Village and look towards a very promising future for our community. Overall 59 neighbors took the survey.


APS and Security

80% of members taking the survey use the APS service included with the higher tier of dues to RVNA. From this group 64% are satisfied with the service, and 70% would be interested in paying more in order to receive a more comprehensive patrol service. For non-members, 52% did not see the service as a reason to join RVNA. In the open-ended questions security and crime reduction was a common thread when addressing what the membership wants RVNA to focus on. Overall participants scored how safe the neighborhood feels at a 3 marking it “Somewhat Safe.”

Reynier Park

52% of participants said their use of Reynier Park was either Not So Often (35%) or Not at all Often (17%). Overall satisfaction with Reynier Park scored a 3 for the participants putting it in-between “Not Satisfied” to “Somewhat Satisfied.” Open-ended questions had park improvement as a common thread.


Another common thread in the open-ended questions showed that participants value their neighbors and the community in general. Satisfaction and Proudness of living in the neighborhood scored a 4 marking it “Satisfied,” and “Proud,” respectively. In the open-ended questions, participants mentioned many community activities they wanted RVNA to organize, like: outreach to Shenandoah Elementary, clean-up days, block parties, adult cocktail parties, and more park nights.

The Board is taking this data to inform the future direction and activities we will engage in. In the short term, we will hold a morning community gathering with Coffee in the Park on Saturday, 4 November, from 9AM-11AM, a Spring Cleaning event in 2018, more park nights, a possible block party, and a member meeting to discuss the future of APS service and our security presence in the neighborhood. As for Reynier Park, this survey was taken prior to the new signage and we still await the results from the Reynier Park survey SORO has implemented.

With the Great Streets initiative on Robertson, expanded community building program, and the possible Reynier Park improvements, one thing that is common and agreed upon by the community, that the future of Reynier Village is very promising!

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