Ice Cream Social At Reynier Park

Ice Cream Social at Reyneir Park

A fun afternoon of ice cream treats, watermelon, fun games and activities for kids and family.

We had so many positive successes yesterday:  the crafts area with the pet rocks, the ice cream and watermelon, the tattoos, the SORONC booth with all of the park photos and people sharing their preferences and taking the survey, the RVNA booth with lots of outreach to our neighbors and new sign-ups for our email list, and, lots of folks enjoying the Drum Circle!  I’m not sure if the rest of you were there to see the water balloon toss and the 3-legged race (hilarious), but I think Angelica and I really enjoyed seeing the kids have so much fun (see photos below)

Altogether a great day and congratulations to all of us for helping to create a fun opportunity for neighbors to come together!

RVNA board will meet sometime in the next few weeks to discuss the event and assess our RVNA survey results!

Thanks to everyone,
Andrew Leavenworth
RVNA Co-President


Photos © 2017 Edgardo Perez