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Campos on Robertson (c) Elisa Leonelli
Campos on Robertson (c) Elisa Leonelli

Sunday December 15, 2013

RVNA called a lunch meeting at Campos on Robertson for dues-paying members to exchange ideas with board and block captains about the plans of the Reynier Village Neighborhood Association for 2014.
It was decided that a flyer will be created and distributed in January to all 500 plus households within our boundaries, explaining what we have been doing for our neighbors since 2007, soliciting sign-ups and renewals by February 15, 2014, when the current membership year expires.
We will make more clear that residents may elect NOT to have APS Patrol Service, and only pay $20 dues, instead of $70. However we may lose APS completely in 2015, since a minimum of 100 members is required.
We will invite all residents to get on our FREE mailing list to receive news and alerts, so we may be connected in case of emergency and to prevent crime.
RVNA has partnered with Dr. Andrew Leavenworth, who plans to go door to door offering sign-ups for FREE CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) classes.
RVNA is committed to organize 4 park night events in 2014, a tradition since 2005.