SORO Fest 2012

Sunday June 3, 2012

RVNA invited residents to come out and walk along a Robertson Blvd without cars, for the 15th Annual SORO Community Festival, organized by SoRo Inc and co-sponsored by SORO NC, check out the booths of local businesses and organizations, such as the SORO Green Team, listen to music, eat lunch from gourmet food trucks.
Local artist Barbara Mendes designed the flyer.
For more info read our Reynier Village blog.

SORO Meeting 2012

Thursday May 17, 2012

On May 11 RVNA notified neighbors of a meeting of the SORO NC Board to hear community input about a proposed 24-hour 7-Eleven store in the empty lot at the corner of Robertson and Cattaraugus. On May 14 RVNA forwarded the link to an online petition opposing a second 7-Eleven location just a few blocks South of the 7-Eleven at the corner of Airdrome and Robertson. In the space of a few days over 600 residents logged their objections and their reasons (more crime, more traffic, etc.).  On May 17 over 100 neighbors attended the meeting and 30 spoke against the proposal.  Consequently the SORO Board passed a motion strongly opposing “a commercial corner exception to allow a proposed 7-Eleven at 2036 Robertson to operate 24 hours a day.”